Cool Tumblr Quotes about Love & Life

Funny Tumblr quotes and sayings with photos or in text form is the main reason of Tumblr popularity, boys and girls also like to update their Facebook status with these quotes. Most of the funny messages and funny photos posted on Tumblr blogs are GIF animations cut out from various movies and TV serials.

Drake, Kid Cudi, Lil Wayne and Wiz Khalifa funny quotes about life and love are the hot trends at Tumblr.

Funny Tumblr Quotes

I wake up with the worst bed head sometimes.

Why you are addicted to updating your Facebook status with weird quotes that no one reads?

I think we can fire this date by cheating on each other.

Keep calm and clean your own garbage.

Life is too short,

You should convert to Facebooker. I would treat you right here. Yes you could become… one of us.

This is a real bunch of crap! I’ve been searching for real book on the Facebook for 24 hours and I still don’t read any line.

Another day, another Facebook status wasted on you.

Stay because I deserve more headache and pain.

I start getting nightmares when my crush gets into a serious relationship.

Just give my stupidity back to me or tell me where do you keep it?

I am the boss of your brain train so let me drive it crazy.

Life is short, divorce your husband and start looking for another,

I don’t like you, I never try this stupidity, and I just act like I adore you, because I am living on the Facebook.

I am feeling stupid with the glory of your friendship.

I am young and I am nonsense and I love it.

Do more of what gives your addiction of leaving Facebook.

I made a cap for you and I made a hole between it for your dreams and ideas.

But what if Obama, Lady Gaga, and Mitt Romney all had a Facebook chat together…

It’s your birthday; don’t let me make farts by eating this pancake.

Do not waste your money by purchasing scam money making books only buy this e-book for real ideas.

You don’t need any common sense to use Facebook, you even sign up on Facebook for your pet dog too and you will welcome by a community of 1 billion people.

The idea of Facebook is actually coming out of Jim Carrey mind when he was a reading a newspaper on a toilet seat in Dumb & Dumber movie, like my status if you not believe this..

I don’t fart in my office but when I do, it is 2 seconds before someone happens to walk in.

I am such a hacker; I change my roommate’s FB status like every time she leaves the room.

Gas is so expensive because I need to buy perfume for my new Audi.

I get a new Mackbook to only use Facebook and Tumbr.

I love school when classes haven’t even started.

There is one certainty in life that makes everything else uncertain: Everything that can go wrong will go wrong, eventually.

Life is short, like my Facebook status before it’s too late.

If you can’t convince them with a talk, shot them with a bullet.

Mean girls always have a cutest dog ever.

The truth is that, I cannot take my breakfast during a shower.

When you feel that nobody like your Facebook status, nobody post comments on your FB wall, all Facebook users ignoring you, and feel jealousy from your great Timeline cover, you should think in your mind… Am I too stupid?

You never know what the aim of your life is until you delete your Facebook account.

Sign of foolish life: In your imaginations dating with a girl that even doesn’t know your name.

The problem is not that ‘obesity runs in your family, the problem is no one runs in your family.

Life is short. Impress me with your crazy belly dance.

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